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If you're looking for a bail bond, property appraiser knows that you might be feeling stressed. We're committed to reducing that stress by providing you with quick, accurate bail bond appraisal services. Being in such a situation, you probably have questions, and we've tried to answer some of the more common ones we get. If your question isn't answered here, let us know and we'll do our best to answer it in a timely manner.

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What are bail bond appraisals?

If your loved one needs a bail bond to be discharged from custody, your property can be put up for bond as an alternative to a cash bond. First, the home's value must be determined so the court can be sure that it covers the cost of the bond. To begin, a licensed appraiser must find the estimated value of your home with a bail bond appraisal. Using your home or property as a bail bond is called a property bond.

When are bail bond appraisals necessary?

An appraisal must be performed if you want to put your home up for collateral. In a situation where a loved one is in jail and you can't afford to pay cash for the bond, a property bond can be used to allow them out of police custody.

How do bail bond appraisals work?

Bail bond appraisals, like other appraisal types, consist of a property inspection, followed by a written report from the appraiser explaining various parts that determine the value of a property. You can put trust in the estimates performed by property appraiser thanks to our extensive experience, knowledge of the area, and conformity to the Appraisal Foundation standards and regulations.

What do I do if I need a bail bond appraisal now?

We understand that speed is essential, and we want to help get someone you care for out of custody fast. When you request an appraisal through property appraiser, we want you to rest assured that your appraisal is our top priority. We are willing to facilitate your appraisal, so contact us today. But you don't just require an appraisal fast — you need an accurate appraisal, too. Using your property as bond relies on the value of the property — usually, it must be valued between 150% to 200% the cost of the bail bond. And at property appraiser, we'll work hard to ensure your appraisal is quick, but we will not skimp on the details that make up a high quality, accurate appraisal.

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